Business Properties and Infrastructure Support Programme

Object of the programme

The objective of the programme is to ensure the necessary conditions for implementation of projects in the areas of the manufacturing industry, business support services and technology centres and thus to contribute to the enhancement of economic and regional development and establishment of conditions for creation of new jobs by increasing the competitiveness of the investment environment, especially in economically weak and structurally disadvantaged regions.

The Business Properties and Infrastructure Support Programme defines the rules and conditions for providing support to municipalities, associations of municipalities, regions, state-owned enterprises, contributory organisations of the government and organisational units of the state administration for projects involving construction and development of business properties and regeneration of properties (brownfields), including related infrastructure. Within the programme, support is provided in the form of direct aid and refundable financial assistance. The programme is one of the fundamental tools for attracting foreign direct investments and encouraging existing investors to expand in that it contributes to the local and economic development of the affected locations and catchment areas and development of a functioning business-property market, improvement of business infrastructure and improvement of the investment and natural environments.