Integrated Regional Operational Programme

 Object of the programme

By means of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP), the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic is striving to find a solution for a major part of social problems and to provide a tool for eliminating regional economic differences. To date, IROP has issued 74 calls in the value of CZK 105.25 billion, which corresponds to 84% of the programme’s allocation.

Particularly the following calls involve renovation of properties:

– Revitalisation of selected monuments within the Culture Programme
– Energy savings in apartment buildings within the Insulation Programme
– Buildings and construction works connected with development and modernisation of the infrastructure of elementary schools within the Education Programme
– Construction and renovation of properties within the Social Integration Programme involving social infrastructure – Integrated projects: ITI and ITDP (integrated territorial investments and integrated territorial development plans)
– Construction of IRS (Integrated Rescue System) stations and IRS education and training centres within the IRS Programme