National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy

National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy 2016-2020

The main vision of the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy consists in transformation of brownfields in the Czech Republic into economically productive and ecologically and socially healthy sites through coordinated effort at all levels of the public administration, the private sector and non-profit organisations.

The National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy represents the framework for resolving the issue of brownfields in the short, medium and long term in the Czech Republic. The strategy supplements the vision of permanently sustainable development by means of revitalisation of sites at the level of greenfields and regeneration of sites for new urban uses (e.g. civic amenities, industrial and commercial uses, residential construction, etc.).

The long-term objectives of the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy are reduction of the number of brownfields and occupations of agricultural land for new construction in accordance with the principles of permanently sustainable development, as well as improvement of the quality of the urban environment and increase of the competitiveness of cities and towns. This also involves the effective use of public resources for the support of brownfield regeneration, which can be considered not only a long-term goal, but also a means of achieving complete regeneration of sites.